Schumacher’s unlikely supporter

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With all the talk about Lewis hamilton going to Mercedes, that is a consideration that has one snag…an open seat. Nico Rosberg told DADP that he is definately not going anywhere in 2013 and looks forward to racing at Mercedes so that leaves the yet-decided services of 7-time champion Michael Schumacher. The german has yet to announce his plans for 2013 and his contract expires at the end of 2012. No mystery that many feel this, indeed, means there is an open seat at Mercedes as many can’t imagine re-signing Schumacher and have contemplated his departure from Formula One the day after his announcement that he was returning.

“I will definitely be in the Silver Arrow next year. I look forward to the next season, and even more race wins,” Rosberg told DAPD.

Does this mean that Schumacher is out and Hamilton is in? If you believe the rumors, that’s exactly what it means but if you believe hamilton himself, it’s all “rubbish” and just media speculation. It’s also worth mentioning that Hamilton and Rosberg are good mates and raced each other in the junior categories on their rise to F1. Seems like a perfect fit except for one thing, Rosberg rather fancies Schumacher at Mercedes:

“I think it would be right if Michael stays,” he added.

“We get along well, the competition is good. Michael is still at a very, very high level on the road. It is a challenge to race against him. We push the team forward well.”

That’s a bit of a departure from the early years of Mercedes when Keke rosberg was nonplussed with Schumacher’s joining the team and son Nico seemed perplexed by the whole situation as well. It seems over time, the two have forged a friendship and that rosberg rather least that’s what he’s telling the German press and there’s little mistaken that any other message may have been met with some disdain.

Nico Rosberg is a PR dream and says all the right things regardless of contextual meaning or personal feelings. He may not like DRS personally but he waxes poetic of its positive impact on the sport and why he really thinks its great. He may not be jazzed about KERS or the high-degradation tires but you will never hear that from him. He, in fact, may not be a big Schumacher fan and would relish the idea of driving with his mate, Lewis Hamilton, but you’ll never hear that nugget from his mouth…he’s too good for those tawdry, attention-getting statements.

I like Nico a lot and he’s really good for a team and a sponsor, now if he can get a car that could win, he may be really good for himself and his legacy in F1.



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