Schumi fans emailing Hill, you can guess what they’re saying

No surprise here, but Damon Hill has told the Sun (yes, the world’s most reliable F1 news source!) that he’s received some “stinging” emails from Michael Schumacher fans.

Here’s the Sun’s write-up:

DAMON HILL has been sent hate mail by furious fans of old foe Michael Schumacher.

Ex-world champ Hill, rammed off the track by Schuey in 1994, was acting as a steward at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.

And he hit the German with a time penalty for illegal overtaking.

Hill said: “There was a wry smile when he walked into the stewards’ room. I’ve received some stinging e-mails accusing me of prejudice.”

But Schumacher, 41, said: “I know Damon. He is a good guy.”

This may be the excuse I’ve been waiting for to ask: Does anyone seriously think Hill’s perspective on this was clouded by his past with Schumacher? (Also, I realize he was just one steward, and it’s pretty unfair to put everything to him. Still… he could have argued against it if he’d felt Schumacher was in the right.)

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