Schumi touts Germany in Cup; more importantly, what’s around his neck?

I think after a long, bare 2010 season, we may finally be seeing Michael Schumacher returning to form.

No, no, not on the track. Let’s face it. The guy’s done. Time to hand the keys to Quick Nick.

No, I mean in terms of fashion!

At his official website, Michael has a statement up touting Germany in the World Cup. Here’s the quote:

“The football-worldcup is about to be in everybody’s mind, and as millions of other football-fans I am really looking forward to it. I will certainly, as millions of other football-fans, cross fingers for our team and hope they will make it into the final. Sure, the competition is tough and I reckon Brazil and Spain to be very strong too. That’s why I think if we make it into the finals we have achieved a lot already. But then, once we are there anyway, we obviously would like to win it…! I want the fourth star for germany.”

Far more importantly, though, is for everyone to click the link and check out the photo that comes with the statement. Does he have around his neck what I think he does?

Man, heavy ’70s flashback time!

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