Screw sound, we’re talking survival, see-sawing & the show!

McLaren race director Eric Boullier has put to bed the whole issue of engine noise.He’s added clarity to the fact that the series has changed to the new power unit to make itself more appealing and compliant to where the industry is going. Eric told the BBC’s Andrew Benson:

“This new power-unit we have developed is a completely industry-relevant engine formula and this is why we could attract some new engine manufacturers and keep some of them on board actually,” Boullier said.

We certainly knew Formula 1 was moving toward a new engine in order to lure manufacturers into the sport and at first blush, Honda is coming back. So did it work? Maybe.

Boullier also says that it was born from self preservation too because Renault Sport F1 had threatened to leave the sport if they didn’t change. He says that fan outcries over the sound is one thing but there a lot of good that’s come from it so there is our trump card. It’s  driver’s era once he again, he reckons, and that’s good because we all wanted to see torquey…there’s a red line under this word, is this a real word?

“This new formula has a very torquey engine, less aerodynamic downforce. It is more of a driver formula and you could see that this weekend; there were a lot of small mistakes.

“And even if there is a need to manage and save fuel and energy, it was still interesting to see some overtaking and it was really a challenge for the drivers.”

So there you have it, the hell with the sound, look at the drivers turning the wheels a lot more and sliding around more…isn’t that fun!!??  Well, yes…as long as there is more overtaking because we all know that 85,000 respondents on the FOTA survey said they want more overtaking and less aero would beget that right?

We may very well see more overtaking and twitchy cars and that’s not a bad thing for the “show”. It may sound funny but the on-track spectacle is what’s important right? Although I do think Cosworth might have stayed in the series even if Renault got poopy and left and who can forget Craig Pollack’s P.U.R.E engine project? Surely he would have come in to the sport.

It all depends on what the final product is but with all deference to F1, it does have to survive and being held hostage by one or more of the three engine makers is not good although I’ll be damned if I can understand why Mercedes would be dying for a 1.6 liter engine or Ferrari for that matter.

Time will most likely start to adjust the things we find odd about this season. Software, fuel-flow sensors, engine noise etc. Will anyone be around to see the ironed-out and sorted F1?

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