See!? Ferrari didn’t break any rules doing laps at Fiorano

There’s been a bit of talk about Ferrari’s “promotional” event over the weekend, during which Fernando Alonso not only got a chance to get in some extra laps in the F10 around Ferrari’s helpfully close-by Fiorano circuit, but he did so with the car’s new exhaust system that will be officially debuting this weekend in Valencia.

Lots of that “talk” was about whether Ferrari bent the rules that don’t allow testing. Of course, the rules do allow teams to run cars for promotional purposes, which is exactly what this event was. There were lucky Ferrari owners involved and, hey, look! Ferrari also has a video up of Alonso explaining his way around the Fiorano track.

You know, because that’s really useful to all us F1 fans because, you know, there are races there, and stuff.

The link to the video, and to Alonso’s commentary, is here. It came to be via e-mail, though, so I’m not sure if it is behind any kind of “wall.”

But, even if you aren’t able to enjoy it, at least you can rest comfortably knowing that Ferrari has not violated the rules. Ferrari would never, ever, do that.

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