Senna: Campos, Manor or Renault?

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Our man-about-the-paddock, the effervescent Johnny Noble at Autosport has sculpted a nice bit of wordsmithing to bring us the lates on Bruno Senna. you may recall that Senna has been looking for a ride in F1 for some time and it seems that while he is speaking with Manor and Campos for a ride in 2010 and, according to Senna, those talks are going well; it seems that Mr. Noble has checked his secret connection book and discovered that Senna may be up for a long, hard look at Renault as the second driver.

Now this will place a little pressure on the team official third-ddriver Lucas di Grassi as he will now have some stiff competition on the test day to shakedown drivers. Irrespective, it does seem that Senna is likely to be in a seat for 2010…much to Jacques Villeneuve’s chagrin. Also interesting that Senna specifically points out that he is not talking to USF1. Of course that means we can expect a press release any day now from Peter Windsor claiming they are in talks with Senna and should have news soon(I add this for Grace’s edification).

“Things are looking really good,” Senna told AUTOSPORT. “We are in much better shape than we were this time last year. We are dealing with a few teams and everything is coming together well. The fact that there are new teams means more opportunities for upcoming drivers.

“We are talking to most of the new teams, although not talking to US F1, and we are talking to a couple of the current teams in the paddock. But the best chances are with the new teams, and that is what we are focusing more on.”

He added: “It is close between Manor and Campos. It is open still, not defined, and in the next two weeks we should have a good idea what is going to happen.”

What do you think? Excited about Senna? Or did you not impress you in the GP2 series? More name than fame or skill?


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