Serious Silly Season: Liuzzi thinks he’ll be back at Force India



Antonio Liuzzi — the driver, I guess, Scott “Scoot” Speed wishes he was — is claiming he expects to be back in a race seat at Force India in 2011.

I know, I know. I’m thinking the same thing: too much wine? He get a shot to the noggin?

Whatever is behind his claims, he’s making them big:

“Each time a driver is said to interest Force India, looks like it’s always me the one who has to move over,” he said. “This is obviously just what part of the media says, because on my part I’m very calm.
“In the team no one has told me anything about it, I have a contract for next year, and I’m already at work with that in mind. I feel safe, not just with the contract I have in my hands, but also with the fine relationship I have with the team.
“I don’t need to talk to the team about this: the situation is clear, the rest is just speculations. The team has told me it can’t stop the media, and it has already denied those rumours at the Suzuka press conference. The fact that my name is not on the FIA list matters little, as other drivers who have already signed are missing too. Things are more than clear between me and Force India.”
“The team knows what has happened, that’s why there are no problems,” he said. “Should the team take decisions that exclude me, then those decisions wouldn’t be down to a problem with my on-track speed. The team has never complained to me about it.
“If we look at all pre-season tests, when we ran by taking turns on the same car, I was always quicker or as quick as Sutil. Since the start of the season, with two different chassis, our performances have changed. It’s all clear in the telemetry.”

I wonder how Nico Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta feel about Liuzzi’s confidence? Or… nah. Force India wouldn’t actually kick Adrian Sutil to the curb instead?

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