Should Ferrari keep Kimi or not?

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We were talking about Kimi in this week’s podcast and today the press asked him if he had any updates on his contract negotiations with Ferrari as his current contract ends in 2016. Kimi said:

“I don’t know any more.

“You guys seem to know a lot every week. It’s not my decision in the end.

“I’ve always said I’m happy to be here and I hope I will be here to help Ferrari to get where we want to get as a team.

“What happens in the future we will see.”

Simple question and fun silly season discussion…if you were Maurizio/Sergio, would you keep Kimi on a new 1 or 2-year deal? Would you call up Romain Grosjean or Esteban Gutierrez or would you take a run at Sergio Perez maybe? What about Nico Rosberg? Or would you stick with the Finn?



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I like Kimi, but I think his time is done. He’s no longer the McLaren Kimi who won the 2005 Japanese GP.

Göran Hugo Olsson

Keep. Kimi is king.


Grosjean or Perez, I can understand being linked with Ferrari. Why on earth should Gutierrez even be considered? Even if he were the only driver competing in a championship, he would come second!


None of the above. I’d hire Alexander Rossi and make a BIG fuss about it in the US.

the Late Idi Armin

Those 2007 laurels are looking pretty crumpled at this stage.

Michael Keith Clark

I would take Grosjean in a heartbeat if he were available.


Why? Grosjean was team mates with Raikkonen for 2 years and comprehensively out scored. 2 years with Maldonado as his team mate and everyone thinks he has transformed into Senna… yeah right.

He is also questionable in the mental strength category, swinging from praising his current team one moment to berating them the next. The guy would melt under the pressure at Ferrari with Vettel as his team mate.


Agree. The transformation of Grosjean is very overplayed. He went from an ok driver who makes big mistakes to an ok driver.

Daniel Johnson

This is the same conversation in any sport. The answer is they shouldn’t if they can land someone better. The brilliant thing about Kimi right now is there is no intra team battle, and first and foremost on Ferrari’s mind should be making sure Seb is happy and productive. While the results may be lacking with Kimi he does more to boost Seb than say if Lewis was the other driver. So really you start looking at the drivers who would make sense in that role. For all of his dominance I do think Roseberg would make for less acrimony… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

The ol’ Air Force Brat in me says “Kick Raikkonen to the curb. His attitude is dooming the team.” Probably would go with Perez if there was a chance to get him.

Peter Riva

Hey, someone want to dump the top Ferrari scoring driver up ’til Monaco? Thereason behind that concept?
If you have a crystal ball… and can see into 2017… the only name that would excite the fans (not Vettel) would be one very plucky 18-year-old…


So Raikkonen is the big problem with Ferrari’s program so far this season? And Checo is going going to fix it? I think y’all done broke into Grace’s box wine stash.


So Raikkonen is the big problem with Ferrari’s program so far this season? And Checo is going to fix it? I think y’all done broke into Grace’s box wine stash.


I hate to say it but he has to go. Ferrari has cut so much of the engineers, staff and driver that it thought was holding it back. Now it’s time to let Kimi go and try to breathe some life into the second seat at Ferrari.

Max Johnson

Wait till the end of the year and see if he have more podiums than Vettel first. Still a long time to decide, and Ferrari have lots of options in term of driver, including Fernando.

Meine Postma

I don’t think Fernando is willing to come back.

There's no stopping him

I love Kimi and still think he is talented. However a few weeks back he didn’t even try to overtake the plucky teen lap after lap after lap. Is he too much ice no fire?


I’m clear on this one, Kimi is underperforming at Ferrari at present, while he over-performed in his last year with Lotus. So Ferrari should keep Kimi, but not pay him!

Just Another Tranny

The easy answer is to let him go but there are few who could replace him and be an improvement. Unless they can get Ricciardo or Verstappen it will be tough to find anyone better in the aggregate.

Alonso may have more talent but the drama and trail of collateral he brings isn’t worth it.

By the end of the year Kimi will be around sixth in points, good enough to stay especially since his set up is similar to Vettel and they get along and work well together.


I would do my very best to steal Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull..

Zachary Noepe

I’m not sure you’d have to do too much, now that Verstappen is doing to him what he did to Vettel. Ricciardo’s definitely a one way street sort of guy and would leap at the opportunity to team with someone he’s dominated before.

I doubt Ferrari would do it though, because Vettel is a tad fragile in that way and I think you’d have a team disaster.

Clayton Brown

I happen to actually really like Kimi, but at the end of the day I think most would agree he’s at least on par with the rest of the drivers (excluding Vettel, Hamilton, Ricciardo, and maybe Verstappen). I don’t think you’d get Verstappen or Ricciardo (as both drivers I think would be a little crazy to jump ship right now) – so what’s the point?

Meine Postma

Let’s keep Kimi and first get a car that is quick enough to win on all circuits, but more importantly a new strategy-man/woman who understands tyres and does not keep throwing away race-wins because of a wrong estimation about tyre-degradation.

Just a silly idea, I know :-)

Richard Piers

They let pretty,clever Ruth go to Haas silly lot.

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