Silly FIA, you can’t keep Villenueve down!


Former world champion Jacques Villenueve’s dream of being part of the 13th team on next year’s grid may be over, but the dream of being back on the Formula 1 grid isn’t.

That’s what the Canadian is telling a home-based publication, Rue Frontenac (via the best Google translate I’ve ever seen!):

“We return to our original plan, which was our plan B, that is to say, the takeover of one of the teams already in place,” said Villeneuve telephone interview. It will enable us to develop even when the solid structure that we had meeting and working with commmanditaires and investors who trusted us. ”


“It probably cost a bit more expensive and we must ensure we have a free hand with a possible team redeemed,” said Villeneuve. We do not want to be taken with partners that we would not have chosen. It will also see the contracts that are in place to avoid it interfere with our plans. For example, we have tremendous confidence in our design of car. We want to be able to use it, not to have imposed an old design already in place. “

JV says he doesn’t have any timetable because, well, he’d just learned he wasn’t going to get in the way Virgin, Lotus, HRT and — guffaw! — USF1 did.

As some commenters here have suggested, HRT and maybe even Toro Rosso could be up for bid. And JV has said he’s be fine slowly trotting around the back of the grid as long as it was clear his team was headed in the right direction.

I think there also has been some discussion — maybe it was Williams4Ever — about the lack of personalities in Formula 1, both of tracks and of people, if that makes sense. JV certainly fits the latter bill.

So.. F1B: Do we need to start a campaign to bring JV back to F1? Heck, Todd’s probably already the proud owner of the appropriate URL!

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