Silly Season on hold, Ferrari seems ready to keep Massa

Well, did you enjoy our week of pre-Silly Season? You know. Mark Webber to Ferrari. Robert Kubica to Ferrari. Felipe Massa to Renault.

Put it all on hold.

The BBC is reporting that Ferrari is most likely going to keep its driver line-up in tact. The Beeb reports it in a nice, pact fashion:

But asked in a BBC Sport interview whether Ferrari would retain the same driver line-up, team boss Stefano Domenicali said: “Yes, I think so.”

Although Domenicali’s words are not definitive, his tone and manner in the interview give the impression that keeping Massa is the team’s strong preference.

BBC Sport understands that as long as Massa can stay respectably close to Alonso in the next few races, the Brazilian will be confirmed in his position for one more year.

Apparently, Massa’s been having trouble with harder tire compounds, which “don’t suit his driving style.” Domenicali says the team is going to work with Massa to update the Ferrari so it better fits him:

The Italian boss also backed Massa to shine, starting in Istanbul, saying: “He likes this place a lot.

“Massa was struggling with the hard tyres in certain conditions in the first part of the year, so I think that is the area we need to work with him so he has more confidence in the car.

“It’s easy to criticise a driver when he is not performing well, so we need to make sure the package for him is the best.”

So… is Massa secure do you think?

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