Silverstone: ‘Unprecedented’ tickets sales a good sign

The Times has argued, rightfully so, that ticket sales will be critical for the British Grand Prix to survive. Having just announced a new 17-year deal with Formula One Management, the BRDC is celebrating the the British Grand Prix’s permanence on the calendar and at Silverstone Circuit.


There is no question that the British fans were the shining moment of 2009 with an estimated 300,000 people attending the race weekend. In a weak economy that would be tremendous. In a horrible economy, like the one we currently enjoy, this is astounding. There were petitions, rally calls and full frontal attacks by the rabid fans to get the grand prix to remain in the United Kingdom. The mission, it would seem, was successful with both FOM’s Bernie Ecclestone and the BRDC’s Damon Hill quietly suggesting a victory in negotiations of sorts.

While I agree with the Times that tickets sales are critical I also have tremendous faith int he British public in doing their part in supporting the race. Why? Reuters said:

Organisers said in a statement that they had sold just under 6,500 tickets, worth more than £1.2 million, for the July 11 race in the space of 24 hours.

That’s a testament that the race deserves to be in Britian and the British fans are some of the most loyal and ardent fans of F1 in the world. Period. End of story.

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