Sir Frank Williams on hiring Ross brawn

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I have not had the pleasure of meeting Ted Kravitz personally but I really do enjoy his post-race notebook segments on Sky Sports F1. Ted takes copious notes and does a nice job of rounding out the event with good insight. On the Abu Dhabi notebook, Ted bumps into Williams F1 owner Sir Frank Williams and asks a very pointed questions…is he interested in hiring Ross brawn?  Go check out the video right here.

Sir Frank does take the high road and suggests that he wasn’t aware that Ross was available and suggests that the team couldn’t afford him but certainly makes it known that he would be interested. Williams F1 is in a bit of a state this year with its worst performance in history and a shuffling of engineers, team bosses and management.

Would Ross Brawn be an investment that Williams would do well to find the money to afford? I tend to think that Ross has competed at the sharp end of the Formula 1 grid for a long time and if his stint at Mercedes is over, why not take on a challenge like revitalizing Williams? The team are a fan favorite, they have the sentimental backing of many and with the right grey matter (brawn) they may be able to pull out of their nose dive and score consistently.

At this point, winning titles isn’t realistic but gaining enough points to neutralize the cost of racing in F1 is. Williams have always stated that they are a race team and that is their business but when your business isn’t gaining enough revenue to remain close to even, it’s an issue. Could Brawn use some of his knowledge to take a small-budget team like Williams and get it amongst the Lotus F1 and McLaren’s? What do you think?

Editor Note: Hat tip to Michael for the heads up on the interview.

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