Sir Frank Williams recovering from pneumonia

Williams Formula 1 team CEO Mike O’Driscoll says that Sir Frank Williams has had a difficult time with pneumonia and is still in hospital back in England.

His daughter, and team executive, Claire Williams is also in the UK to be close to her father during his recovery. According the Mike, Sir Frank is making a slow and steady recovery:

“He’s been a fixture in the paddock for so many decades now that it is strange not to have him with us.

“But he’s had a tough time in hospital, he has contracted pneumonia.

“He is making a recovery, a slow and steady recovery.

“We hope to see him back in Grove very soon – we all know how determined he is.”

That’s difficult news to hear for Formula 1 fans who all know just how instrumental Sir frank has been to his team and the sport. The team are hoping to have Claire back in the garage in Abu Dhabi.

The team have struggled this year not only with the situation with Sir Frank but with their car and are fighting for fourth in the championship. It’s been a challenging year for them and the development has gone the way they had hoped it would.

We wish Sir Frank a full and quick recovery and would like to see him back at the helm soon.


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charlie white

That explains how Juan Pablo Montoya showed up in the Williams garage this weekend. Get well, Frank!

Tim C

My best to Sir Frank for a speedy recovery.