Sir Jackie Stewart agrees: penalty lenient

Never a loss for words, the media pundit and F1 champ has words regarding the penalty delivered to Felipe Massa regarding the putlane incident at Valencia.  As you will recall,  Massa was released from his stop and nearly ran into Adrian Sutil’s Force India who was also exiting the pits at the same time.  Of this, Jackie says:

“For me it was the key moment of the race,” Stewart told Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell.

“I don’t know if it was the team or the driver who made the error. But, first of all, I can not understand why the stewards made their decision only after the race.

“They have all the information that is needed to make a judgement during the grand prix,” Stewart believes.

He also observes that, “in the eyes of many”, the stewards’ verdict “underlines once again that in such cases Ferrari is treated with kid gloves.”

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