Sir Jackie Stewart on the Mosley Vote

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart shares his thoughts less than 24 hours before the monumental extraordinary meeting of the FIA to hold a vote of confidence for embattled President Max Mosley.It is no secret that Sir Jackie and Max have had a war of words but I find that in this battle; Sir Jackie makes more sense.

“The problem is that some people are concerned this won’t be a secret ballot. Not one F1 team has said anything publicly even though privately they’re all saying he has to go,” speaking to The Telegraph.

“They’re all scared that if they do say anything and he remains in power then they may be penalised. They may be right to worry: if I was a team principal running an independent team, I might worry that my entry [Formula One licence] might not be accepted in future.

“Were he an honourable man he would already have resigned because this is a bridge too far,” he told The Telegraph.

“He accepts that this [orgy] happened, yet he doesn’t accept that it infringes upon his ability to do his job. How can he say that? No-one wants to see him! He wasn’t wanted in Monaco, Bahrain or Spain.”

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