Sky Sports will be ‘home’ of F1 through 2024

A big win for Sky Sports F1 as they have just announced a deal with the series securing the rights to be the home of F1 until 2024. It’s great news as Sky Sports does an incredible job of covering F1. Here is the official press release:

Sky has agreed a new broadcast partnership with Formula One Management, strengthening its position as the home of sport offering unrivaled choice for fans.

The new agreement comprises:

  • Exclusive: Sky Sports will be the home of Formula 1® in the UK and Ireland from 2019 to 2024, offering live coverage of every Grand Prix.
  • Free to air: The FORMULA 1 BRITISH GRAND PRIX, together with highlights of all other races and Qualifying sessions, will be shown on a ‘free-to-air’ basis.
  • Sky Sports Mix: Additionally at least two other ‘prime time’ live races a season will be offered on the soon-to-be-launched Sky Sports Mix along with other F1 content.
  • UHD: For the first time every race starting with the 2017 Championship will be shown in the stunning picture quality of Ultra High Definition via Sky Q, the next-generation home entertainment system.

Sky Sports F1® will continue to be the only place to watch each Grand Prix weekend live for the next three seasons in the UK, with 21 races live in 2016 beginning with the 2016 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX last weekend.

The new agreement builds on the success of Sky Sports F1® since the launch of the award-winning channel in 2012. More than 13 million viewers have already enjoyed its live coverage with many more following F1® racing across Sky Sports’ digital outlets.

Bernie Ecclestone, CEO Formula One Group said:

“I am delighted that we will continue to work together. Sky’s commitment to the Sport and standard of coverage is second to none.”

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports said:

“This is a brilliant deal that takes Sky’s partnership with F1® to the next level. Since 2012, we have demonstrated unrivalled commitment to F1®, offering fans innovations including a dedicated channel and the very best broadcasting talent. We are delighted that we are strengthening our coverage for viewers even further, with live and exclusive F1® from 2019 and the chance to watch in Ultra High Definition for the first time from next season. We are pleased to support F1® and look forward to working with them to progress, develop and enhance coverage of the Championship during the agreement.”

Martin Brundle, commentator and analyst for Sky Sports F1® added:

“I joined Sky Sports because I wanted to be part of a dedicated F1® channel with a total and long term commitment to the sport. And we have certainly delivered on that. In a fast changing media landscape, our coverage will get even better for F1® fans.”

The new deal further strengthens Sky Sports’ position as the home of sport in the UK and Ireland, offering viewers the very best choice across seven channels and award-winning digital outlets. This year, viewers can enjoy more of the best matches from the Premier League, all four golf Majors and the Ryder Cup, England Test cricket and Summer and Autumn International rugby union.

Sky Sports is available in more ways than ever before, including via NOW TV, which offers access to all seven Sky Sports channels for £6.99 for one day or £10.99 for a week pass.

This week Sky announced the launch of Sky Sports Mix, bringing a range of great moments from some of the world’s biggest sporting events to all its TV customers in the UK and Ireland at no extra cost.

Sky Sports began showing live F1® in 2012 and coverage includes every practice and qualifying session together with live coverage of each race. Viewers can enjoy the opinions and analysis from a broadcasting team that boasts three former F1® drivers, including 1996 World Champion Damon Hill together with Martin Brundle and Johnny Herbert.

As well as launching a channel dedicated to the sport, Sky Sports F1® became the first broadcaster to introduce touch-screen ‘SkyPad’ analysis from within the paddock, offers fans a multitude of additional viewing options via ‘F1® Race Control’ and offers an extensive schedule of features and support programmes.

Sky Sports won ‘Best TV Broadcaster Award for Outstanding Coverage’ for each of its first two seasons.

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Tom Firth

Things that make you go hmmm, in the wording used.

I’ve a feeling the UK fans will have mixed feelings over this deal.


I honestly I can not imagine having to pay for cable subscription to watch live F1 until 2014 (note: the free to air F1 coverage are mostly highlights, they only get live for mostly crappy tracks).

Get with the time.

Here is what I see at

Watch Every Race Live & OnDemand

Complete Live Coverage and Exclusive Features
1992-2015 Archived Races


I meant to say 2024, but they should have had online delivery by 2014 already.

Michael in Seattle

Having been a part of retail orgs. that failed to appropriately read and decisively act upon the tea leaves of digital/on-line progress, FOM and SKY F1 had best be addressing the need to provide affordable, easily accessible F1 content for all digital devices. Their window of opportunity to act is small. If they get this wrong, say goodbye to F1 as we have known it and loved it, possibly to F1, period.
Ps: gotta believe Channel 4 and DC are in the 360° mirror room looking at the stab wounds in their backs, today.

Alianora La Canta

Bernie knew this would lose him money. Sky must have known from its low audience figures that this would lose them money. Yet both went through with this.

Why do I get the impression that Bernie doesn’t want F1 as we know it to continue to exist, and is trying to get an F1 Mark II rolling?

Tom Firth

Yeah… It’s an odd deal. It’s a very big gamble for both sides, especially as it was done so early, at a time when most other deals are looking at extensions through to 2018-2019 including Sky in Germany. I don’t know it’s a good thing. I think it’s interesting how it’s mentioned the yet-to-be-launched Sky Sports Mix, but hasn’t explicitly said anything about Sky maintaining a dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel, in fact that almost sounded past tense? I’m not sure I agree with your comment that Bernie is trying to get a Mk II F1 going, i’d say more… Read more »


Why is this good news for F1, or am i missing something.
Coverage is dropping due to sky, looks as if its a bout to be killed off Shame on you Bernie

Tom Firth

I can see why from any other country, Sky F1 looks great, and in terms of coverage volumes and the quality of coverage, it absolutely is.

Tom Firth

Seems to be some confusion as to exactly what Sky have secured from 2019, it was understood that an exclusive deal for every race had been reached, as well as having a highlights package of every other race and the British Grand Prix, which would presumably be on the new Sky Sports Mix. It appears though from an Autosport article today that an outside party, perhaps C4 could collect the F1 rights on a highlights only basis from 2019… If that is in fact the case, then this is not the disaster it appears to be, in terms of lost… Read more »


“access to all seven Sky Sports channels for £6.99 for one day or £10.99 for a week pass”

Darn, I wish they’d push that through Amazon streaming.

Allan Somerville

My main problem with Sky Sports F1 is that you cannot just subscribe to it as a standalone channel but are forced into the Sky Sports package at roughly £30p/m. I have no interest in football and will not be forced into paying their wages!


Not strictly true, Sky Sports F1 is provided free with a skyHD package, yea the cost is £30p/m but thats for all the other channels as well and nothing to do with sky sports, which I don’t have or want.


My biggest problem with this is that is gives sky a monopoly and since when was a monopoly good for the consumer. At present Sky F1 comes “free” as part of a skyHD multi channel package for about £30 pm. Well I can see that changing, so whats a Friday night show, Wednesday night show, qual, pre race, race and post race program worth? well maybe another £20/m. Virgin media the cable company already carry Sky F1 and charge extra for it. Some will pay but your Joe average will not.


Total cost to watch F1 on Sky is around £625 ($880) per season. TV Licence+ average deal package. If you cant get SKY and get it via VM or BT you can end up paying more.