So long a forgotten dream

Well for those of us who were looking for a Dave Richards/Honda redux…the wait has produced sour frowns and a discord that can only be felt somewhere in the midsection around the naval.

For all of its seeming glory and a return of the only man to have led Honda to a quasi-successful season; the dream is gone. The wait is over. The 8-ball has shook.

Dave Richards has announced that he is ruling out buying the BBF1 team due to the outrageous costs.

“All I can say is that I have made it very clear that the only terms (under which) I would ever consider a return or an involvement was if I felt we could be competitive – and nobody expects to win in their first year of Formula One,” he said on the main Autosport stage.

“It has also got to be financially viable. You expect to (have to) invest but you also expect it to work. I just personally feel that the current environment is too unsettled.

“The cost-cutting process that has been put in place has not yet seen its full benefit, and I don’t think it will be until 2010 that you will see those issues roll out properly. The teams have still got a burden of overhead that is unsustainable. So consequently, with the window of time for entry, I just question whether it is right at the moment.”

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