So long Silverstone

In what has to be a bit of a shock announcement during the British Grand Prix weekend;Bernie Ecclestone, F1 ringmaster, has announced a new deal with Donington Park as the future location for the British Grand Prix from 2010.

With a 100 million pound improvement plan in hand, apparently the circuit is set for a major overhaul and has created some very mixed feelings among British fans.  The loss of Silverstone as the home of the Grand Prix and the potential loss of the charm of Donington.  Tilke will design the new circuit layout and that can be good or bad depending on your view of his work but the most important thing, as the astute and much-respected Max Mosley quips, is that the British have a Grand Prix for many years to come.  Good thing we still have Max as FIA President for these important announcement endorsements.

So what now for Silverstone?  Any chance of making up the loss of revenue with the BTCC?

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