So, Schumacher escaped a penalty. Massa? No so much

Felipe Massa has been handed a 20-second penalty for ramming into the back of Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes during their slice and dice at today’s Canadian Grand Prix.

OK, just kidding. Massa actually was knocked back a third of a minute for speeding in the pitlane. He was far enough ahead of Heikki Kovalainen, however, not to have the ignominy of finishing behind the Lotus.

Also, Robert Kubica was reprimanded for crashing into Schumacher and wrecking his race. OK, again, not really. The Renault driver was given a stern talking-to for his crazy pitlane entry in front of and across Adrian Sutil’s Force India.

Massa’s penalty seems pretty cut-and-dry. How about Kubica’s? It definitely seemed like a “moment” among many during the eventful grand prix. Was it worth anything more serious? Since Sebastien Buemi was the first car a lap down from race winner Lewis Hamilton it is difficult to tell from the results whether a 20-second penalty would have docked Kubica of points.

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