Some of Red Bull trophies found…in a lake

The good news is that Red Bull Racing have recovered approximately 20 of the 60+ trophies stolen from their offices in Milton Keynes last week. The bad news is that 40 or so are still missing and some of the recovered trophies were damaged.

According to the team, the recovered trophies were found in a horseshoe lake near Sandhurst approximately 60 miles away. Sure, when I first heard they were found in a lake, I thought of the lake outside of McLaren’s technology center but that’s not the case. Wouldn’t that be a cruel joke? What next? Ferrari technical manuals at the local Kinko’s in Woking?  Oh. Too soon?

Regardless, it does bring up my commentary from a recent podcast in which I suggested the trophies were a fool’s errand due to the lack of a fencing opportunity. Then Grace quickly reminded me that they can have them reduced to raw metal for the value. DOH!  If all the recovered trophies were Vettel wins, that rascally Mark Webber might get a phone call…I jest! Here’s what team boss Christian Horner said:

“It’s good news that some of our trophies have been found and thanks to the police for all their help so far,” said team boss Christian Horner.

“The fact that some of the trophies were discarded in a lake and damaged shows how senseless this crime was.

“While the trophies mean an enormous amount to the team, their intrinsic value is low – and the extent of the damage that was caused to the factory by the offenders during the break-in was significant.

“Hopefully we can get the trophies back to our factory where they belong and get replicas made of those that we can’t.”

So the intrinsic value is low and they can just have replicas made. That makes this silly crime even more senseless doesn’t it?

Hat Tip: Red Bull Racing

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