Spa penalties already? Wasn’t Friday a wash?

Just when Formula One gets back into action, the rain in Spa hampers any real testing for Friday keeping most of the teams in their garages and most commentators reliving the past memories of the Belgian Grand Prix. With a complete lack of action, you’d think the day was a quiet, kick-your-shoes-off sort fo day but that isn’t the case.

There was enough action at Spa Friday to hand out two penalties. The first being for Red Bull’s Mark Webber for a gearbox change that will leave him five grid places adrift of his qualifying performance. This really stings as Webber is the closest competitor to title-leading Fernando Alonso but Mark doesn’t have to win Sunday, he just needs to beat Fernando.

The second penalty was handed out to Mr. 300 himself, Michael Schumacher. Schumacher is celebrating his 300th grand prix in style this weekend at the circuit that saw his debut in 1991. The exuberance may have gotten to the 7-time champ as his was fined 2,500 Euros for not using the pit-entry road properly during practice.  Can a guy get a break on his 300th race weekend?  Sheesh.

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