Somehow I just missed it. It is a shame to admit but for some reason I had no idea there was a series called Speedcar nor did I know that it included some of our most beloved F1 drivers. You ask what Jean Alesi is up to? Glad you asked…he’s driving Europe’s version of NASCAR at Watkins Glen!!!

This stuck in my throat like last years faded yellow Peep and while struggling for air, I was able to Google the series and found this. Then I found this. And then this!

One might suspect that Europeans would learn much from watching our NASCAR brand of racing…then again, they apparently didn’t. A mission should be to pipe Speed TV to all Europeans so they too may share in the 24/7 coverage of NASCAR and revel in its majestic Spec-series glow. Marvel in its caressing tedium and find homage in its Byzantine rules and points system. A week of that should shut the entire Speedcar series down.

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