Sponsors could leave McLaren

If McLaren are hit with race bans or an exorbitantly large fee for their part int he Australian Grand Prix “lie-gate” saga, some sponsors may pull out of their support for McLaren and F1 as a whole. that is the word from the Telegraph’s Tom Cary. It seems that Tom has found a sponso who actually shared their thoughts on the situation:

“I can say that if a disproportionately large penalty were given to McLaren on April 29 then the sponsor that I am associated with might leave. But the punishment must fit the crime. If there is an irrefutable case of corporate deception then fair enough.

“I think we all know the subtext here; the FIA wanted to oust Ron Dennis. I believe the governing body have allowed this situation to escalate and it is doing no one any good – not McLaren, not the FIA and certainly not the sport. Apart from anything else, it is dissuading other potential sponsors from entering Formula One.”

I have been in dialog with many on the F1B site for the past few weeks and while the debate is spirited and sometimes along fanboy lines; I have maintained that this kangaroo court event that Max seems hell-bent to have is actually bringing the sport in to disrepute more than McLaren’s lying. They just don’t get it! Losing sponsors in an effort to force Ron Dennis out of F1 is just nonsensical. I am bereft of the logic other than politics and posturing to keep Max and Bernie firmly in control of operations. Ron posed a substantial threat within FOTA and now he has been eliminated. It is a slippery slope my friends and a poor showing from the regulatory body of F1. It is infuriating that we are experiencing good racing and yet we have this cloud over us which is presented as McLaren’s fault and while they did lie; I submit that this sponsor has a solid argument and it should be given credence.

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