Sponsors: The YouTube/USF1 deal

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We had posted a story, along with everyone else in the world, about a potential sponsorship arrangement between YouTube and the USF1 team. This was an interesting story on many levels that has yet to be verified officially by the team.

Team owner Peter Windsor said this week that the sponsorship program would be unique and unlike anything on the grid and should be announced soon. This has led to some other considerations about just how will YouTube be involved. What does “unique” mean actually?

Just for a conversation starter, I throw out this insight from our friend Paul Charsley regarding what could be happening with the youTube deal. Whilst piddling away on the computer one dark evening I recieved a voicemail from Paul suggesting that the YouTube deal could be a redux of an older concept.

Back in the 70’s a driver named Guy Edwards turned from the driving to promoting and was instrumental in securing the sponsorship deals for many teams and sporting events. He is a unique person to be sure. He had arranged a broker-like arrangement wherein he secured a sponsorship deal with a team and then sold that space to many different companies with the allure of global branding. Makes sense from that perspective. The Penthouse sponsored Hesketh was part of Edward’s legacy.

As Paul recalls it, Penthouse didn’t pay Hesketh any money to be on their car but they had arranged with Edwards for a spot along with other sponsors as well.

Now how would this tie in? Well, it could stand to reason that YouTube is acting like the broker, in a sense, and arranging for multiple sponsors to join the bandwagon with promise of YouTube coverage and exposure for their brands to be on the cars. If I were the owner of Gillette razors and youTube approached me to work with them on a sponsor deal that would see my livery on the car for 3 grands prix and it would be viral as well being shown on youTube; why not get involved?

Could YouTube be assembling a multimedia sponsoring scheme that would be an amalgamation of many companies all being part of a marketing Juggernaut as frequent and viral as YouTube? Could be. Good points Paul. Something to consider.


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