Sprint race treated like normal Grand Prix

2020 Russian Grand Prix, Sunday - Wolfgang Wilhelm

F1 will premier its new sprint race this weekend at the British Grand Prix which features a 100km race on Saturday afternoon in lieu of qualifying.

The qualifying session will move to Friday evening and the result of that session will set the grid for the 17-lap sprint race on Saturday.

The result of the sprint race will then set the grid for the British grand prix on Sunday. The winner of the Sprint race will be considered the winner of ‘pole position’ for the actual Grand Prix on Sunday and the top three Sprint race finishers will receive points on a 3-2-1 scale.

The World Motor Sport Council approved of the format and rules earlier this week but just because it is a special session, the actual 17-lap race will feature the same FIA scrutiny as any other full Grand Prix according to Race Director Michael Masi. That means that things such as penalties, on-track incidents and other infractions will be treated just the same as it would be during a Grand Prix.

“If we find an incident that two drivers are involved in, in the grand prix here, we can apply a grid penalty for the next grand prix,” Masi said.

“So grid penalties and time penalties, for driving infringements and so forth, those penalties will be applied.

“The rest of the regulations regarding power units and so forth, which is subject to approval from the F1 Commission and the FIA World Motor Sport Council later this week, but they will be applied in a different way and focused on the race.

“But things that affect your grid starting position will, from the perspective of a driving infringement or anything like that, will be applied either as a grid or a time penalty at the time.”

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