State of the Union Address: Flavio style

Flavio Briatore

It’s that time of year again when Flavio Briatore gives his state of the union address on F1.Flavio feels Max’s personal conflicts have kept him from making any headway with negotiations and has spoken on his feelings of profit sharing. Of note is his feeling on a new controller elected by the teams in a majority vote.

“His absence is felt as there’s no project for F1. The teams feel abandoned,” He told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The Concorde agreement, the number of races, the costs, the spectacle, the imperative increase of revenues. Formula One needs to be re-designed.

“I feel that it should be down to the teams to decide, by electing in turns a director of operations. A guy who does things, not a PR person.

“On top of that, we need to decide with a 51% majority, not unanimously like now, otherwise we’ll carry on being stuck.”

“Nowadays Ecclestone takes 50% of all revenues, but we are supposed to be able to reduce our costs by 50%.

“How? Starting from the engines. Making them more environment-friendly, accepting Mosley’s challenge of reducing fuel consumption by 50% by 2015, while cutting the high costs of the engine themselves and also cutting the staff.

“The problem is that us, Renault, have stuck to the letter of the current regulations on frozen engines, and we’ve been buggered: others didn’t do that and are far ahead, while we suffer. It’s not fair.”

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