Stefan GP car passes crash test

As a supplemental report on the heels of Grace’s question/story on Stefan GP; it seems teh team has passed a crash test with their car:

StefanGP announce that our car Stefan S-01 successfully pass crash tests.

That is done internally by independent outsourcing company.

This tests are performed under strict FIA mandatory rule implementation and is carried as pre-test for confirmation of design and manufacturing of car.

Car will undergo full FIA tests as scheduled by the end of January 2010.

It is not an official FIA testing event but an independent evaluation and one could assume the criteria is similar to that of the FIA’s stringent crash tests.

The prevailing notion is that Stefan GP is serious about getting a spot on the grid and by testing, developing a car and moving toward the assumption that they will be granted a spot on teh grid; you have to ask if the FIA or FOM know something we don’t?

Is this a safety measure should one of the current teams not make it to the first race in March? Rumors have been swirling and some of them created by commercial rights boss Bernie Ecclestone himself. Perhaps having a team-in-waiting makes sense and as Stefan GP seems to have acquired the remaining inven

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