Stefan GP still banging on about F1 worthiness, building a new track to prove it

It seems after being thwarted to the 2010, Stefan GP is back in the hunt for a slot ont eh 2011 grid. AMCO corporation owner and Stefan GP boss Zoran Stefanovic is not a quitter, of that we can be assured. He has announced his intention to seek the 2011 grid slot and upped the ante by also announcing that they will build a circuit in Stara Pazova:

“Stefan GP would like to make a public announcement that the AMCO Corporation and its owner Zoran Stefanovic have today signed an agreement with the Mayor of Stara Pazova, located 25km from Belgrade, Serbia, to build the Stefan Technology Park,”

“This will include a racing circuit suitable for the competition of Formula 1, and a technical complex that will serve as Stefan Grand Prix’s team headquarters upon completion in two years time.”

It seems that Stefanovic is attempting to make himself relevant by not only fielding a team but giving F1 an opportunity to add a race or testing track to their wallet. How this will be viewed by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is anyone’s guess but perhaps the key is that Stefanovic is attempting to show that he has the capital and drive to be a player in F1.

“This is proof that we want to put ourselves on the map as a serious high-tech company, and that we are serious about competing in Formula 1 for the long term.”

“Bearing in mind that we will soon be on a par with top teams, in terms of facilities and organisation, as Stefan Technology Park looking to be compared with them, we expect many positive improvements in the future.”

On the other hand, there is this lingering shadow of suspicion about the intent and depth of the organization. The way they approached the 2010 potential entry and the actions they took seemed very unorthodox. I will be interested to see if the FIA snubs them a second time and if they do, it clearly is for reasons unknown by me but I suspect there is a spanner in the works somewhere.

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