Stefano Domenicali to replace Chase Carey as Formula 1 boss

Source: Lamborghini Media

The idea of Chase Carey stepping down as Formula 1 CEO is not surprising in that he had a 3-year deal and it was extended to get through the new Concorde Agreement. Having secured all the teams as signatory to the agreement, Carey is now moving on according to reports in the press.

Sean Bratches and Chase Carey were the duo that Liberty brought in to run F1 initially and they were joined but F1 veteran and former Ferrari boss Ross Brawn. Brawn took the role of sporting director and worked closely with his form Ferrari boss, Jean Todt, who is now the FIA president.

News this week includes a third person from those title-winning days at Ferrari when Brawn and Todt were at the helm. That third person is Stefano Domenicali who inherited the Ferrari team boss role before moving on to Audi, VW and Lamborghini.

Domenicali has been in the role as single-seater commission boss for the FIA but will now move up to replace Carey at Liberty Media’s Formula 1 business. The three horseman of the Ferrari domination era will now be leading Formula 1.

An interesting move and one that I would not have predicted if I am honest. I felt like there was some initial thought os Zak Brown taking the role and as an American, I thought that may make sense for Liberty Media’s Greg Maffei. Regardless, Domenciali has been around the sport and knows all the nooks and crannies but it will be interesting to see how he runs the series compared to Bernie and Chase.

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Paul Kiefer

It’s been quite a while since I heard that name. What was his track record at Ferrari? Ah, yes, they were trying their damndest to get back to the top rung of the #F1 ladder. It was a good try, making it to 3rd.