Step 1, check: Austin city board OKs USGP plans

The city of Austin’s environmental board approved the site plans for the proposed Formula 1 track, which is set to play host to the United States Grand Prix in 2012.

Step 1 can get checked off the list.

Local TV station KVUE has the news:

“Essentially, the city code requires if you’re going to move more than four feet of dirt, you’ve got to have it reviewed,” said Richard Suttle, an attorney for the F1 promoters.

Suttle told KVUE News on Wednesay that reports about the world class racetrack in Elroy being six months behind schedule are not true.

“This project is on track, it’s on schedule with the help from the city and the county that we’ve (received),” said Suttle. “We’ve been able to stay on track and we’re definitely on schedule, if not ahead.”

F1 promoters have another public hearing next week with the water and wastewater commission. They will have a meeting with the zoning and planning commission in two weeks.

You can find a link to the city report at our earlier post here.

Now, while this is good news, do keep in mind it is the very beginning of the process. We’ll have to see how things develop. But, while there might be time for the opposition to gird itself, there is also time for supporters to continue gathering together.

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