Stewart AMA’s Lewis Hamilton?

I know this may come as a surprise to many who don’t follow AMA Supercross but there is a new hero of the series that is becoming quite the rider. James Stewart has won all the races that he hasn’t crashed in and he looks terrific on the bike. A talented young man with a very bright future for Yamaha and Team San Manuel.

Known as the first African-American to have success at the top levels of the sport, it is good to honor the trail blazing he is doing. Let us hope that we can also focus on the talent, commitment and dedication James has to the sport and not just his ethnicity. Lewis is brilliantly talented but it seemed to me that his ethnicity overshadowed his individual spirit, talent and commitment to the sport. We should honor trail blazers to be sure but we should celebrate the persons achievements as well.

James Stewart is doing terrific and he is both trail blazer and points leader. Way to go James…you’ve been an inspiration to many young African-Americans and also a real pain in the backside to your competitors. Great job!

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