Stewart: Brawn shouldn’t hire Hamilton

Sir Jackie Stewart has read the same stories we’re reading and suggests that Ross Brawn would be well advised to not hire Lewis Hamilton. The myopic Anthony Hamilton is furious at the “lie-gate” incident and his sons reputation being soiled because of it. It has been reported that he made calls to Max Mosley, in the wake of the incident, to demand a press conference for his son’s confessional and that he also made innuendos of leaving McLaren and possibly F1. While Mosley recommended staying in F1; it has brought to light the stressed relationship between the Hamilton’s and McLaren.

Anthony Hamilton seems perplexed by the lie-gate saga but others have suggested that he is also using this incident as a way to find another team for his son as the 2007 championship winning McLaren are experiencing a miserable year so far from a performance standard. It will be looked upon in unfavorable light should Anthony move his son to another team and specifically to Brawn GP. Most F1 fans are not so fickle as to not recognize a gross opportunistic and egregious move such as leaving McLaren for Brawn GP. Brawn GP has realized a Cinderella story so far in 2009 with two wins on the trot and look to be the team to beat but this also is in some questions as a looming Court of Appeal hearing is set for this Tuesday (April 14th) regarding a diffuser being used by the team and its legality. To leave McLaren for the current top team is painfully obvious in its scope and most F1 fans realize that their favorite drivers have faced some adversity at ome point and it is this adversity that sharpens their skills, develops their character and makes them a more complete and praise-worthy driver. Clark, Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, Schumacher and Alonso have all faced inferior cars, teams, budgets and stiff competition in their careers. Anthony Hamilton’s plan of moving Lewis to the team with the fastest car does nothing for his sons career and no one will ever consider his titles comparative to those who have gone before as they would all be skewed by the best car, best team and best budget or support model.

Sir Jackie is never at a loss for words and while he has claimed Lewis could be the next Jim Clark, he also is wise enough to know what Lewis is deficient at and where his limitations are. He is also astute enough to know that moving Lewis from fast car to fast car is career suicide (something Anthony Hamilton, as a pretend sports manager, is not privy to). In order to make room for Lewis at Brawn GP, the team would have to part ways with one of their drivers and the conventional wisdom is it would be Rubens Barrichello but Sir Jackie and I both think this is a bad idea. I honestly don’t see Ross Brawn making that kind of change and throwing Rubens out for a young, talented driver who is more puppet to his fathers puppeteering skill than a man who stands on his own merits. Sir Jackie thinks car development for a team on a limited budget and a 2009 testing ban would be making a great mistake to lose Rubens. While more salient than my point, I still think Lewis is a major headache due to his father and until he ditches his father in favor of a proper manager, I am not sure which team will touch him without a very egregious contract to mute his father and lock Lewis in to serious concessions and obligations.

“Rubens is very experienced in the setting up of the car, Lewis is not. “And Ross (Brawn) needs that knowledge right now because of the ban on in-season testing.”

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