Stewart Drops Libel Charges Against Mosley

As you may recall, Jackie Stewart (the certified half-wit as described by Max Mosley) has dropped libel charges against Mosley.  I think Jackie must be feeling sorry for Max now that Bernie has weighed in.

It now emerges that he believes Mosley’s attack was a reference to his dyslexia.

“Those sort of comments show him up,” Stewart told the Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

“Once upon a time I’d have been horrified by him talking about my dyslexia, but not now. I’m a certified dyslexic, so what?  So what if I can’t recite the alphabet?

“I did think about suing him and was told I had a cast iron case, but it was so petty and I didn’t want to come down to his level.

“What it showed was that his decision-making, especially when he’s in a rage, is worryingly faulty,” Stewart charged.

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