Stewart offers advice…good advice actually

Jackie Stewart has offered some advice to Lewis Hamilton regarding his current position in the eyes of the world of F1.Having taken a skewering in the media for his second race in a row with no points scored, Lewis is feeling the pressure as evidenced in our top story of June 28th. Jackie had a similar entrance into F1 and has offered some advice via The Independent on how Lewis should look at his career and the pressure he is facing. I happen to agree with Jackie as Lewis is not a finished product. He’s 15 months old tot he series and needs time. Something I have been saying from day one. Lewis has all the tools to be great but he needs time to develop those tools and apply his skill. To learn what it means to be at the top of the sport.

“Lewis is already world famous, thanks to the amazing opportunity he was given last year, and the incredible skill with which he took advantage of it,” Stewart says. “He’s experiencing both the privilege and the penalty of celebrity. He’s excited the media so much, and now some people are starting to feel let down. But we should remember that Lewis has only been in F1 for 15 months. He’s not the finished article yet – and it’s wrong to think that he should be. He might not like to hear this but he has a fundamental lack of experience at the top of the sport. If he asked my advice, I’d say, ‘Take your time, and don’t expect too much of yourself’.

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