Stewart slams ‘budget cap’

Former champion Sir Jackie Stewart has slammed the FIA’s budget cap regulations for 2010 by suggesting that the FIA are effectively leaches on the money generated by the teams and that they now want to tell the teams how to run their business. I couldn’t agree more.

“These are private enterprise companies that are run to make profit by building cars,” said Stewart, “The FIA simply take money, they don’t make money without the teams and yet they want to tell BMW, Ferrari, Renault, Toyota, Mercedes – these huge successful companies – how much they can afford in F1,” added Stewart.

Stewart, still involved in F1 as a sponsor ambassador working closely with Williams, also dismissed fears the controversial stand-off could lead to the decimation of the sport as we know it.

“Formula one is not under threat from the teams,” he insisted. “The sport is huge and it will continue no matter what. It doesn’t need being told what to do.”

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