Stewart: UK irresponsible

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In one of the most classic quotes this week, Jackie Stewart has supplied out Lauda Report with a real gem. Speaking on the possibility of having no Grand prix, Sir Jackie says it would be a bad thing to let it go. Here is where it gets interesting; Jackie agrees with Bernie! An then he goes so far as to suggest that he was the one who thought of asking the government for money and that Max and Bernie were against it. Classic! Read the full article here.

“I have been saying that for a great many years,” he told the BBC. “Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone disagreed with me. They did not think that we should be asking for government money and were quite vocal in that criticism of me.

“I’m glad they’ve changed their minds because both of them have said the government money should be supplied.

“When you see what has been done for the Olympics and the amount of money for some stadiums that maybe will only be used for that and then broken down, it would be stupid of the government [not to help the British Grand Prix].

“We have got an industry that is dependent on motorsport. Nearly 50,000 jobs in the UK would be at risk. That has got to be kept alive for UK PLC to keep the British GP in this country.”


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