Stoner out for 3 races

The mystery illness that has been plaguing Ducati rider Casey Stoner has been described as fatigue. Fatigue on the magnitude of a 50-year-old as a matter of fact.

Stoner’s doctor, Claudio Macchiagodena, said that he has extreme fatigue coupled with anemia and needs serious time off to rest and recover. I am not sure where the fatigue has come from but I certainly know where mine comes from…work. So let’s assume his is from his occupation as well. Battling the mighty Rossi and Lorenzo must be taking a toll and if the stories of Rossi’s head games are true, this could contribute to the cause.

I am not sure why Stoner would be suffering from fatigue but perhaps his personal life is presenting some challenges. Who knows? In the end, his title chances are not looking too good.

“I’ve been around Casey for a week. He’s only 22 but he has already accumulated the fatigue of a 50-year-old person,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“His crisis isn’t acute but it has already brought up symptoms with his stomach, his anemia and various pains that must be investigated thoroughly and not with the occasional medical tests done so far.

“With a one-month rest he’ll be back in shape, while with two months he’ll make sure his body is fine. He won the 2007 title, so if he manages himself without mistakes he’ll be great again.”

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