Stop the Presses! Hamilton wins Champ Ca…I mean…F1 GP



Finally! With the specter of the inevitable Hamilton win off our backs and the wonky Canadian GP behind us; perhaps now we can focus on a tight race to the championship this year and a quick healing process for Kubica.
I could swear I was watching a CHAMP car race this afternoon. I really thought I was for a few minutes. Four errors, that I counted, from Alonso, four pace car periods, several retirements, one huge crash, black flags, unexpected results from inferior teams, quick and excellent response from emergency track workers and carbon fiber all over the place. The only thing missing was Paul Tracy slugging someone for brake-checking him or banging wheels.
I have always enjoyed the Canadian circuit but today it looked completely foreign to me as the drivers seemed to struggle with each corner and lacked a profound knowledge of how safety car regulations and pit procedures work. Let us pay homage and give due credit to Bob Varsha’s shoe-in soon-to-be Tiger Woods of F1. The young man drove a great race with maturity and won from pole. A very impressive drive by anyone’s measuring stick.
Let us also congratulate Nick Heidfeld for a terrific race as well as Wurz. Wurz by attrition and nick by plain old good driving and a resurgent BMW on this low down-force circuit. Perhaps the most amazing moment was the crash of Robert Kubica who suffered a sprained ankle and slight concussion from a seemingly fatal crash. I watched in horror as a flashback of Greg Moore’s fatal crash ran through my head while watching Kubica’s BMW slam head on into a concrete wall and eventually stop with an unmoving driver. This is a testament to the safety focus of the FIA. An honest tip of the hat to Max and all at the FIA for requiring such stringent parameters.
If anyone figures out Ferrari’s woes; please let me know. This is a track they have done well at and should have been Kimi’s return to championship form. Instead it was Sato’s moment to shine and Ant’s day to go beaver hunting while behind the pace car.
Safety car? Should we re-think the safety car rule? Is NASCAR-style pit strategy a little more than the European boys can deal with? Stay tuned; Mr. Dennis has suggested a mid-season re-think of safety car regulations.

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