Stopping Red Bull via changes | Podcast Ep 831

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss the addition of a second qualifying session after the season started in order to try and get Red Bull’s domination under control…except we will say it’s for the fans. What about Lewis’s contract? Would you re-sign him? I wouldn’t and here’s why.

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Hi Grace and Todd, just a quick clarification on the “puddingsandwich” mystery.
I think this is a litteral translation from
the dutch word “puddingbroodje”.
A sandwich in a soft bun, some sort of sweet cream in it with sugar dusted on top. Looks like this:

Thanks for all the great content!

Lars Nielsen

…and it was taken out of context. The “quote” is from a documentary about Max, and there’s a scene in a car where they talk about his life after F1. He jokes about him letting go of himself and just become fat (they had just talked about his fitness regime) and she, half joking, replied that she wouldn’t allow it.


Hey y’all, just a quick comment about Merc negotiations w Lewis. I think there isn’t really a good reason to no resign Lewis til at least 2026 (if he wants to stay) unless the board has a philosophical disagreement with paying drivers large salaries. Like yes you can get a younger driver in Lando (or even LeClerc if he’s ready to leave Ferrari) but you’re also getting a driver who is not as talented as Lewis. I think we’ve seen since 2022 the effects of brain drain that Merc has gone thru for the last 8yrs, and losing a driver… Read more »


I would agree with you if the money saved on driver salaries would not cost against the cost cap. Unless i’m mistaken i think the only non-driver wages that are forgiven are your top 3 highest earning team members so unless there’s an engineering head that they want to bring in to take another head of departments position whom they previously could not (which i find hard to believe for MERCEDES), I just view the issue of highly paid drivers as a non-concern. Especially when the team is nearing a half billion in yearly revenues and Lewis also helps drive… Read more »


Been away on holidays and just catching up on the pods.
Surely the best example of show over racing is the Mario Kart style elimination quali we had a few years back. Lasted one weekend and then it was scrapped.