Storylines: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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As we head into the weekend, our focus is on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. You can read the terrific preview for the race by our own Jack Leslie right here.

As always, we review the race each Monday on our Podcast and adding to that feature, we thought we’d give you our storylines of the race.

When it’s Show time on Monday, we’ll review our storylines and see how we did. Let us know your storylines for the weekend. What should viewers be looking for during the race?


  • Will Red Bull switch priority to Webber to get him that last win of his F1 career?
  • With the fight with Lotus & Kimi can Rogro build on current form
  • Will Grace have to eat her way out of Abu Dhabi ?
  • Will the place that was the reason for DRS make for a fun filled action packed scorcher of a race ?


  • Does Vettel lift or does he keep pressing? And what about Webber?
  • Merc-will we get an answer about Brawn?
  • Can Massa keep it up? Pressure is on


  • Can Ferrari beat Merc this weekend and claw back 2nd in Constructor’s title?
  • Will Kimi Raikkonen and Lotus finally blow up? Kimi was contemplating a no-show
  • Can Paul di Resta hold off Hulkenberg and remain 10th in driver’s title? Will it help his future chances?

Now what are your storylines of the grand prix? We’ll recap ours on the Podcast.

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