Storylines: USGP in Austin

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As the Formula 1 circus heads to the United States of America, it will be doing so without Lotus F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. It will also be a formality as the championships are already sewn up but that doesn’t mean there won’t be storylines to look for. Here are ours:


  • The hot battle for 2nd in the Constructors Championship. Merc v Ferrari v Lotus
  • Battle for supremacy at Merc. Lewis v Nico
  • Tickets please? Is COTA’s ticket issue real?
  • Kimi-less Lotus? Hit to their P2 Constructor chances


  • Will the spectacle dim from the inaugural race?
  • How will the data from last year effect teams performance (lessons learned?)
  • Can anyone fill Kimi’s shoes? Could this be Kimi’s replacements golden opportunity to win or lose?
  • Can Paul, Todd & Mark hit every food truck in the circuit, and will there be any money left for a Marussia Key Fob?
  • Will F1B be the hit of the Shell music fest?


  • The tarmac has had a year to bake under the hot Texas sun, will there be any impact on the tires or the abrasion of the surface?
  • Without Kimi, will Ferrari have a chance at snagging 2nd int he Constructor’s Championship?
  • Can Lewis repeat in Austin? Will this be Vettel’s victorious return to America having made his debut at the USGP?
  • How many folks will join us at the F1B & Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas Tweetup for a pint and a casual chat about F1 at Lost Pines on Saturday night?
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