STR: Button not an option

Apparently Nick, over at Midweek Motorsport, was not just making things up…not that we would ever accuse him of doing so, he’s a pro! But Grace and I wondered where the source for Nick’s assertions came from. The suggestion that the reason STR waited so long on Le Seb was that they were waiting to see if Button would be available if Honda/BBF1 collapsed.

Apparently the story had some legs as Mr. Tost felt compelled to dispell the rumors:

“To be honest, Jenson was never a choice for us,” he said.

“Bourdais was always first on our list, and the contract was signed in January. The season starts in March, but as far as I know Jenson Button has an agreement with Honda and therefore there was never any negotiations with Jenson Button or his management.”

While I like the sound of his support for Le Seb, I can’t help but think this is all hindsight PR in some respects because I doubt very seriously it has always been Le Seb. But as we asked in Podcast #95…why wouldn’t it have been? Are you really sure Button was the better option? Your thoughts?

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