STR fired Bourdais via Text Message?

I use text messaging a lot. Grace, Steve, Paul and I text concepts and story ideas continually. Texting is a terrific communication tool for getting thoughts out quickly and in to other people’s heads for thought and comment. It is also used to fire people in F1 apparently. This according to Sebastien Bourdais in a Speed TV report here.

It seems that Bourdais got his release notice via SMS and if true, that’s a pretty darned harsh way to officially let someone know they’ve been sacked.

“Dietrich Mateschitz was at the Nurburgring but he did not speak with me. He did not call me. Everything was done by SMS, which to me has no style,” he

With this new medium for redundancy, I suspect I’ll be getting a text message from Grace any day now releasing me of my duties at F1B. She’s cheeky like that. Poor Bourdais. Getting sacked before Nelson Piquet Jr. and done over an SMS message. You’d think a team owned by Red Bull would be a little more professional about it but then they are hip, young and in to new social media technology and they could actually say they use it to its fullest. I guess it could be worse; he could have been fired over Twitter.

Wonder if Alguersuari got hired via an SMS message? Think Max Mosley will step down in October via SMS? Or how about Schumacher letting the world know he actually isn’t coming back via an SMS message? BMW should have just sent us a text message that they are leaving the sport and Bernie should have sent us a text message that he signed a little kids autograph and spared us the world feed PR stunt to make uncle Bernie look human.

All in all, I am a little surprised but I am wondering why Speed TV didn’t send one of their infamous text messages announcing this story. Oh well…

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