Stroll underestimated COVID-19

There was little doubt that Racing Point missed out on serious points in the championship when Lance Stroll struggled on his return to the cockpit in Portugal. At the time, I was thinking they should have stuck with Nico Hulkenberg given 3rd in the championship was on the line.

It seems that Lance, reflecting in Autosport, was more COVID impacted than he thought.

“COVID put me out of the German Grand Prix and it probably affected me quite a bit for the following two grands prix,” Stroll said.

“Just no energy, physically, and not in the best place mentally. I think I underestimated how much of a toll the virus would take on me, and I did struggle physically in those races.”

Having contracted COVID, I can completely understand the fatigue and mental fogginess. It lingers even when you feel as if you should be or are better. It would have been, most likely, the same for Lewis Hamilton on his return as well.

The fatigue is very odd, as is the foggy mind, and most disturbing is the loss of taste and smell. I can’t imagine driving an F1 car with any accuracy on the heels of COVID so to be fair to Lance and Lewis, they did pretty well all things given.

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