Super Aguri: 3 Days Left?

Super Aguri announced this week that the Magma buyout has fallen through.

According to an article in German magazine Auto Motor und Sport; a Super Aguri insider said:

“We have exactly three days to find an alternate solution. If we do not find the money, we cannot race,”

As a GMM article points out, this is most likely in reference to when the trucks are slated to roll out on their way to Barcelona this Saturday. This leaves Super Aguri in a tenuous position and more than likely they are seeking financial help from Honda or Mr. Ecclestone himself as he would surely like to retain a full grid.

There are rumors that there are German and American interest in the team but no word on who they may be. The bigger question is even if they were interested, who could come up with cash in three days? In my opinion only Honda or Mr. E could find the means that quickly to keep Super Aguri afloat until a buyer has been located.

Tragically, this may leave Anthony Davidson without a ride sooner than we expected and that would be a shame.

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