Super Aguri Loses £4.5M In First Year


Can Super Aguri survive 2007? With a very small budget and fewer than 100 people working for the Leafield-based outfit, is it possible for Aguri to survive 2007’s loss and return in 2008 as a competitive team? The irony is that the smallest team in F1 did well in the championship points and even beat their engine supplier, Honda. A series of one-off sponsor deals for Japan kept their hopes alive but compared to Ferrari’s $180M in sponsorship, Super Aguri may find it difficult to stay unless the approach Honda with hat-in-hand.

A new strategy? Let Honda beat you in 2008 to acquire more support monetarily from a team that you so desperately need.

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They lost nine whole dollars? And there was me thinking F1 budgets were astronomical. I’m off to raid my piggy bank and buy me a couple of teams …

Negative Camber

LOL. Helps when I put an “m” there huh?