Surprise! Bernie blames new team’s poor showing on Max Mosley

max and bernie
Surprised? No? Then you are not new to Formula 1.

What might be surprising is the venue through which Bernie Ecclestone decided to deliver his latest shot at former FIA president Max Mosley: the F1 official season review book.

Because, you know, fans pick that up so they can read little rants from Bernie. Smart marketing.

Here’s a bit of what he had to say, via Yahoo of all sources:

“As for the new teams, their problems weren’t their fault in all fairness. It was really Max Mosley’s fault, telling them they could come in and be contenders for £30 million – but they’re here now and, provided they don’t walk around with begging bowls, it’s good to have them.”

I’m sure it is just me, but it really does seem one thing to say something like that, another thing to put it down in the “official” record of the year.

Yahoo goes on to quote Bernie about Max’s successor: Jean Todt. The way they cite it, though, I’m not 100% sure it is in the forward, as well, though I assume it must be:

“Jean is a completely different animal to Max,” mused the Formula One Management (FOM) chief executive. “I had dinner with him the other night and we were talking about it – he’s visited 51 countries this year, so he’s been on the road a bit. In fairness, he’s left F1 to get on with it, which is good.”

Translation: Jean got out of my way. Good boy, Jean!

OK, two obvious questions to ponder:

1. Were the new team’s relatively poor performance Max’s fault? (For more on this, you could also listen to the F1B Downshift with Peter Windsor, who — to sum up tidily his comments — does say the teams, because of the controversy over the spending cap and ongoing battles between teams and the FIA and FOM, got a nearly impossibly late start on their cars.)

2. What do you think of Jean Todt’s handling of F1 this first season? Too hands off? The right level of oversight?

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