SURPRISE!…Schumacher defends Ferrari’s alleged ‘team orders’

While many F1 pundits, press and personnel have cast a suspect eye on Ferrari’s move in Sunday’s German Grand Prix, it seems only fitting that we should try to find a supportive position. I’m happy to say that we’ve found one and it’s not a Ferrari employee…currently, anyway.

Yes, former Ferrari employee Michael Schumacher has come to the defense of his old team and even supporting the move against his old pal at Ferrari, Felipe Massa. While some have argued that the comeback of 7-time champion Schumacher isn’t working and this isn’t the same Schumacher…I submit this as proof that it IS the same Schumacher:

“I understand 100 percent and I would do exactly the same – what are we here for? We’re fighting for the championship.”

Now if that isn’t the same Schumacher I know and Love, I ask what is? A man who understood the importance of winning at many could argue it was a stance of winning whatever the cost. As a clear number one with Rubens Barrichello as the proverbial number two driver at Ferrari, Schumacher charged to five of his seven titles.

No wonder then that the German understands that Ferrari are there to win titles and if a team has one goal, then drivers positions and on-track performance counts as long as it fits the best possible outcome for the team. They are not there to help Massa win a race, they are there to make sure Ferrari win a title. Schumacher knew this all too well and while many are critical of the notion, it has served him well. That is to say that it has served him well as far as winning is concerned but the asterisk next to his name on several of those victories suggest a reticence about the manner in which he gained them.

Schumacher is as loathed as loved and perhaps Fernando ALonso has taken the mantel as the most loathed and loved F1 driver of the current crop. Somehow, like Schumacher, I suspect that doesn’t really bother the Spaniard.

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