Sutil, Buemi handed five-place grid penalties

Veteran driver Alan Jones was seating in the Steward hot seat this weekend assisting with the duties for the FIA race control. While there were a few in-race incidents that met with no further action, it was announced that Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi and Force India pilot Adrian Sutil have been handed a five-place grid penalty for collisions they were involved with during Sunday’s race in Korea.

Sutil said he was struggling all day with the brakes and from an outsider’s point of view, that certainly seemed the case:

“I was just struggling with my brakes all the time,” he said.

“I had so much brake force that I always locked up and it was hard to drive consistently.

“There were a lot of times I was off the circuit, or locked up, and then got past a driver and went off the road.

“In the end I tried to overtake Kobayashi but lost the car on a patch that was a bit more wet than I expected and went into the side of him.

“I’m not happy with my performance, it was not a good race for me personally.”

At least he’s aware of his erratic nature Sunday and the incident with Buemi was also admitted with the Swiss driver saying:

“I braked late and locked the front wheels, so I could not turn and ended up going straight on and hitting Timo,” said the Toro Rosso driver.

“I am sorry for him.”

Jones was busy Sunday but in the end, it would have been a hard race to call with all the drama of delays, rain, crashing, safety car periods and the closing darkness. The circuit seemed very impenetrable to the rain and the run-off was just non-existent. This created massive spray even if the rain was not falling that heavily. It was indeed and oddity and a question call for Charlie Whiting and the boys in Race Control.

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