Sutil: Practice shunt hurt quali

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The Force India garage was a flurry of activity at the waxing moments of today’s qualifying session. The car of Adrian Sutil was all but dismantled in an attempt to make repairs and preparation for Sutil’s qualifying attempts.

Unfortunately Sutil had made an error in the morning warm-up period and placed his Force India F1 car in the barriers causing damage. The team frantically raced to get the car ready for the qualifying session and sent Sutil out with just a few minutes to spare in session 1. Sutil effectively had one hot lap to qualify.

“For us, unfortunately the qualifying wasn’t as good as we hoped,” said Sutil. “In the morning I just made a mistake and went off line and lost some grip and went into the barriers.

“The guys did a great job to get the car ready but there was only enough time at the end of the session for two flying laps. All we needed was an extra couple of tenths that would have helped us go into Q2 so without the accident I think we could have been quite good.

“At least in 18th we have a couple of cars behind us but it’s going to be a tough race.”

Equally troubling was the sister car piloted by veteran driver Giancarlo Fisichella who finished in 17th position with a car that was not damaged in a morning incident. Not sure who this implicates more—Sutil for a good show having only one lap or Fisichella for placing 17th in a healthy car.

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